Maldives Rowing Volunteer
I am proud to report that both Tash and I are fully qualified Beach Lifeguards, having completed a gruelling and arduous course in Devon last week.   Actually it was not too bad - much black rubber was worn by all including hats (no masks though) and I discovered I had a complete inability to paddle a surfboard with any kind of speed!  I actually had a brilliant time and enjoyed our daily dunking in the North Devon surf and swim in the pool, followed by some very sleepy classroom sessions.  We learnt lots of rescuing and first aid that hopefully I will never have to use, but if I do I won't be wearing a wetsuit that stops me moving my arms thank goodness! Surrounded by some tall, fit surfy type men, (who showed up my board skills for the rubbish they truly are) the days passed very quickly! Photos for those brave enough to take a look are on the photo page and we would like to thank John and Tina from LifeGuard International who ran the course and Skern Lodge, where we laid our weary heads each night (top, top food every evening).

We spent the first day of our exotic half term break at Exmouth Rowing Club looking and learning about the coastal rowing boats that are out in the Maldives, and most importantly how to repair them.  It is a really great community club and although the weather was not suitable for us to go out for a row ( I might have become a little soft since I stopped having to train everyday) everyone was most helpful and I would really recommend anyone in the local area going to have a look and more importantly a row!

Local elections have just taken place and the new island councillors sworn in as I write so hopefully very soon I will be able to let you know when I shall depart these dark dank shores for sunnier climes - whoop whoop!!!!!!




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