Maldives Rowing Volunteer
Sitting on the lovely, enormous sofa at my parent's house, drinking champagne and eating chocolates with my brilliant Mother to celebrate the fact I now have confirmation that I can book my flights to the Maldives, leaving on Monday.  I am not sure who is more relieved, my parents or me!  
So as I now have a leaving date I can feel a huge weight lift off my shoulders, leaving the country for 10 months is tricky enough to get your head around but not knowing when you are going is even worse!  So all I need to do is book my tickets, get my insurance and I am good to go, I have everything I am taking with me laid out on a bed for about a week already, apart from the things I am waiting on from Amazon!!
I am so excited that it is so close and in less than five days I will be out in Hulhumale, in fact not sure I can type as I am desperate to go and rack up the credit card booking flights.
On a completely different note I have been LOVING the weather recently (it can only get better in the Maldives) and tonight there was a lovely sunset on the beach, not quite the tropics but still looks beautiful to me, ahhhhh Hayling Island!

Bye xxxxx
Slightly out of sync but Tash very kindly agreed to do a capsize drill for me in the river to complete my British Rowing coaching qualification, big thank yous to Tash and Sarah Birch for getting my qualification done so quickly.  Most importantly I have photos here
I received the great news last week that everything had been sorted out for me to go to the island of Hulhumale to spend a few weeks there preparing for the arrival of the boats by spending time teaching swimming there.  Hurrah I hear you all cry, but sadly I have since been struck down by a bug of doom!  Without giving too many details I have had a bizarre mystery illness that I have tried to blame on nits, bed bugs, fleas and any other culprit but according to the doctor it is none of the above.  After a week of feeling pretty awful and looking even worse, thank goodness I have not had to see anyone of importance (only my lovely parents), I am back to full health so should be on my way in the next week, fingers crossed!

Thank you very much to those who have donated so far, very much app
As the weather seems to have taken a more wintry turn it is making the imminent prospect of some sunshine and warmth, more and more appealing!  Whilst I am awaiting a departure date it is giving me a chance to get everything prepared.  I must say a big thank you to my parents for allowing me to deposit even more of my belongings at their house and letting me stay with them (although it could be interesting as I have not lived there for a long time eeek!).  We are in the process of making some very lovely t-shirts that you will be able to buy online (hopefully) and at lots of rowing and other sporting events this summer, they will be top of everyone's wish list and a very hot ticket I can assure you!  
Sadly this week I am leaving my sister's house and her lovely children behind to be closer to Henley, I fear tears maybe involved when I leave and they will all be mine!  On the plus side by the end of the week Tash should have been a willing victim to do a capsize drill for me in the River Thames - I will let people know where and when