Maldives Rowing Volunteer
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Supposedly, (plans change regularly with this project so no definitely's here!) this is going to be the HUGELYMONGOUS ship that will be taking our 7 brand new doubles out to the Maldives! Well, Colmbo (Sri Lanka) first where they then get transferred onto a much tinier boat and go to Male. Hopefully,  I will have arrived earlier and together with Rachel we will have worked out how they will get down to Addu Atoll in the south. 

Donaratico are saying the boats are to be shipped imminently (9th of June - but shh it might get jinxed and delayed) which is great news. So I'm looking at flights around the 20th and before you ask, those of you that are pro active and organised, no of course i haven't booked anything and nor am i packed or in any shape ready to go - last minute madness is a much more preferable way to be! Also I keep thinking it's ages away or may be further delayed - head in the sand syndrome 'r' us!

So what have I been doing with myself since cooking breakfasts for the masses. Trying to slow down (on orders) - don't think I've succeeded - as I'm now coaching swimming three evenings a week up at Gillets Pool in Henley (thought I should get some practice in) and selling t-shirts to unsuspecting and firmly trapped people on river banks around the Thames Valley. I had a really good day on Saturday last week coaching the Weybridge Ladies 8 - keep an eye out for them racing this summer. This was followed by a totally unexpected invite back to Martina's for brunch - and what a brunch - scrambled eggs, ham, salmon, fresh bread, salad, croissants, coffee, juice and to top it off strawberries and bubbly Reisling!!! Think I've listed it all and never fear had a 'bit' of everything...... 

I am back at Weybridge on Sunday for the regatta, presenting medals etc and of course selling doughnuts so please come along and support the regatta and Maldives Rowing!

A big thank you to Hampton School who donated 6 ergos for the Maldives. These were delivered today and are an awesome asset - thank you soo much!

Cheers Tash


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