Maldives Rowing Volunteer
Two exciting things happened in the last twenty four hours that need to be reported.  After looking at twitter last night after getting home (following a very exciting final of the Maldives Police Inter Department Women's 6 aside football final) I found out that my old house mate Rick was going to be on National radio, with his crew mates on 5 live.  Being very over excited by this and despite the late hour I tweeted in and got a hello all the way from London, listen here at 49 (ish) minutes in
My other old house mate, Hannah, also got a mention so I feel that there cannot have been many people texted or tweeting!  

The second and far more exciting thing that happened was a phone call from the Maldives Athletic Association asking for my address to send my prize money to.  It turns out I WON the women's amateur under 40 category at the Male Broadband Race, it has only taken 4 weeks to find out how I did and I should have been told on the day but I think I was probably in a crumpled heap on the floor.  Anyhow, a good half hours run has resulted in getting a very well received boost to my bank account.  

Both events have made me very happy and alleviated some of the gloom I have been wallowing in recently but more of that later (nothing serious, just a touch of self pity), Tash has arrived and is of course cheering me up.  I will Tash post all about the fantastic experience she is having in Male with me looking after her so very very well!


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