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Hurrah, Tash finally arrived last Monday, bringing with her shortbread and horrendous rain.  Slightly confused after a ridiculously long journey via Oman and Sri Lanka, I have given her a whistle stop tour of Male, Hulhumale and Villingilli, compared tans (photos to follow) and generally made her walk a lot, eat a lot and swim a lot.  Having just got used to having Miss Howard as my faithful companion for a week, she has been cruelly taken away from me and exported to Addu Atoll.  Actually she has yet to reach Addu, currently she is on a boat that will take two or three days depending on the weather to get there. Accompanying her on the boat are many of the swimming stars from Addu who have been up in Male competeing, all the sensible children managed to get a flight back which lasts about an hour! It makes me laugh everytime I think about it, I am not a good friend.  I have heard from Tash and everything is fine, it has not rained too much (the boat is open at the sides) and she has not finished all her books yet. As soon as Tash arrives in Addu and gets internet I am sure she will let you know all her thoughts about her arrival in the Maldives.

Since my last post there have been some major steps on in the creation of the rowing club, which is good news as although I have been, mostly, putting a brave face on things I have been getting quite down about the lack of progress and more importantly my inability to have any control over the lack of progress.  A situation that is very common here but is still incredibly frustrating nonetheless, after four months of minimal progress I had been starting to question my ability to achieve anything whilst here, phew a bit of brutal honesty on the blog! However with the imminent arrival of seven shiny new boats things have suddenly taken a major leap forward, we have the new mayor of Male, Alibe, firmly behind the project and he came with us to meet the Housing Development Corporation (the development agency for Hulhumale), and we now have a promise of land, access to the sea, all the materials for a boat house and a water tank.  All we need now is someone to build the boat house / shed, I know I am never happy, but until we get somewhere to keep the boats and access to the water our rowing club won't be doing a lot of rowing.

I am hopeful that over Ramadan we can keep some progress going but the most exciting news of the week (apart from Tash obviously) is that the boats have arrived in Male and are being expelled from the customs machine as we speak - a huge sigh of relief all round, now it is time to get my logistics head on to store all the boats for Hulhumale and transport the others down to Addu, clipboards and official face at the ready.

Lastly - yesterday was Maldivian Independence Day, celebrating 46, I think, years since the islands escaped the clutches of the British Empire, unfortunately I missed most of the parades as I had an interview to write but there was a lot of children in national dress and many, many marching bands - other than that I am not really sure what else happened, sorry!

More fish - not sure what though!

08/23/2011 16:40

Great reading, hope it wasnt personal.
Aunt Kate sent to me, it was on the site so i read it.
I live in Victoria and see A Kate.
I did mail you during the Olympics.
You are doing a great job, you seem so very happy. Keep enjoying all that you do and make each and every day special because it is.
Cheers Margaret Hoyle.x

06/25/2012 22:02

Found this link while searching Google, thanks


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