Maldives Rowing Volunteer
Just a quick post, not much has been happening as following Ramadan there has 
been Eid al Fitr, a big celebration of the end of Ramadan and of course a few days 
of public holiday (they are quite free and easy with their public holidays here).  
However things should get moving again soon, especially as I have just replaced 
my phone which annoyingly was stolen, along with my iPod last week.  In the 
meantime I just wanted to wish everyone racing at the Rowing World Championships 
a big bag of luck, not that many need it but it is always good to have luck on your side.  
Follow the racing here at world rowing and follow lots of Great Britain rowers on 
twitter for some insider revelations including 
and many others. 

Also a quick congratulations to Kate Hornsey in 
the Australian women's pair who subbed into the 
boat after illness to the original rower and has just qualified the boat for the Olympics and won a 
bronze medal - good work Horns


PS An early happy birthday to Tash, who will celebrate Maldives style tomorrow.


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