Maldives Rowing Volunteer
So I am definitely on my way now! Sitting in Dubai airport feeling anything but glamorous and surrounded by the other passengers who make up a very interesting mix of loved up couples and what seems to be one very large family.  Actually on second thoughts some of the couples don’t look that happy, I hope the marriage will last the honeymoon!  Obviously I have not a lot to tell as most people have been on a long haul flight before, the only difference was that I had three seats to myself, which I think has made my week, I am sure my luck will not hold for the next leg and I will arrive in Male cramped, irritated and no doubt with someone else’s body odour all over me, in fact I am sure the person I will end up sitting next to has just walked past and I am not going to get half a seat to myself.  My flight is being called so I can let you know (if anyone cares) how it goes and what delights are in store for me!


4/7/2011 07:01:44 pm

Music is a higher revelation than any wisdom or philosophy.

4/17/2011 06:33:08 pm

Business is the salt of life.

5/28/2012 04:00:26 pm

Dubai is really awesome place. Burj khalifa is the tallest building. the view of it is so stunning ..


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