Maldives Rowing Volunteer
On Friday I went out with my camera for a few pictures of Male on its busiest day of the week, Fridays are (as in most Muslim countries) a day off here, the weekend is Friday and Saturday - until a few years ago it was Thursday and Friday, however to allow more trade with countries with a Saturday/Sunday weekend it was changed, can you imagine us changing a day of the weekend?? The confusion!! I am still confused as although I do not work normally on a Friday, I work all day Saturday and so spend all the time being confused as to what day of the week it is and when the weekend is!!! Back to my point.... Male is really alive on a Friday so I have at last taken a few photos around the city see here. 
In other news - this coming Friday I am running in the Dhiraagu Broadband Road Race around the circumventing the entire city of Male (not actually that far) but I am slightly worried that at 4.30pm it will still be scorchingly hot and I will melt like a cornetto. I have been running a bit on the running track as the roads are a bit too scary , with very narrow pavements and mopeds coming at you from all angles.  I am hoping to survive but will let you know (unless I don't actually survive and if I am able to post from beyond the grave then I think I will have more important things to say than about how I did in a race!).  
Just about to go for a practice with my running friend Linda, a lovely and slightly crazy Irish teacher on Hulhumale.


PS please send your best wishes to Tash who has just had cartilage filed off the back of her knee - ouwch.

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