Maldives Rowing Volunteer
After one whole year of back breaking hauling, lugging, dragging and dropping some of the heaviest doubles in the world back and forth from the Power House to the sea four times a day. We have finally got a trolley!!! I was so excited when it turned up I was jigging up and down all over the place. The students are in love with it - amittedly it takes longer to get all the boats put away (loading and unloading one boat at a time) but no one cares.

Boat moving is now accompanied by shrieks of 'he hasn't got a licence', 'learner driver' and the kids sitting and standing on the trolley and being whizzed around the power house. So nice to have a back that does not ache at the end of each session. I think I could go on with detailing the wonders of the trolley but will leave it there - suffice to say the novelty will take a long time to wear off and we are all ECSTATIC!

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