Maldives Rowing Volunteer
Sitting on the lovely, enormous sofa at my parent's house, drinking champagne and eating chocolates with my brilliant Mother to celebrate the fact I now have confirmation that I can book my flights to the Maldives, leaving on Monday.  I am not sure who is more relieved, my parents or me!  
So as I now have a leaving date I can feel a huge weight lift off my shoulders, leaving the country for 10 months is tricky enough to get your head around but not knowing when you are going is even worse!  So all I need to do is book my tickets, get my insurance and I am good to go, I have everything I am taking with me laid out on a bed for about a week already, apart from the things I am waiting on from Amazon!!
I am so excited that it is so close and in less than five days I will be out in Hulhumale, in fact not sure I can type as I am desperate to go and rack up the credit card booking flights.
On a completely different note I have been LOVING the weather recently (it can only get better in the Maldives) and tonight there was a lovely sunset on the beach, not quite the tropics but still looks beautiful to me, ahhhhh Hayling Island!

Bye xxxxx


03/31/2011 01:54

I am also volunteering as the assistant soccer coach at Jefferson High School. It is SUCH a great way to get to know the high school students and staff members. Although we are 0-2 so far, it has been an amazing experience and I am looking forward to the rest of the season! I'll keep you posted in my next blog...Go Santos!!!


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