Maldives Rowing Volunteer
My last blog from the Maldives, sad times.  I am off back to the UK tomorrow morning and although ridiculously excited to see friends and family, eat cheese, real bread and drink real milk, not be permanently a little sweaty and wear some different clothes, I am of course very sad to be leaving. However..... it is looking likely that I will be returning in the not too distant future so I am not dying inside!

I will write a (slightly) longer blog when I am back in the land of fast cars and loose morals, but in the meantime I can safely say that although this country has irritated me to my back teeth on some occasions, the people I have been fortunate enough to meet and the places I have seen have made my time here fabulous.  The thought of dull grey skies, without the constantly changing clouds, children who don't always want to say hello and not being stared at constantly (actually not the last one, I will be very happy not to be constantly stared at) makes me very sad.  Having only been to one resort and that was in the dark and for two hours, I have not experienced the Maldives that most people see on their holidays, but I have been subjected to the endless ferry trips, rubbish strewn beaches,  and spitting men and I am still desperate to come back, so it is not all bad, if not the brochure perfection image most of us have of this country.

Right , off to bed to dream of E 

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