Maldives Rowing Volunteer

You'll all be pleased to know that your eating efforts raised a fantastic £390! and t-shirts the t shirts made a further £300!

Cooked breakfasts kept me sweating in the kitchen for a good 3 hours yelling out of the hatch in a very harrassed fish wife styley! Thank you to Rhona, Rosemary, Jack, Judy, Bee and everyone that baked and or donated all those cakes, flap jacks, cookies, tea pots and cup cakes. The beautiful red and yellow very 'posh' bunting attracted lots of comments and we were all awed by Jackie's amazing talent for face painting. 
Thank you everyone that came down to support the event - now you all have to do that little bit more training to work off the effects of your charitable support.

The t-shirts sold really well and of course we still have some available so just drop me a line.

I'm finishing on an apology to Rachel for not logging off the website properly after my last post and causing her all sorts of strife out in the field! Your original suspicions Rachel were correct and I'm very glad I'm a few thousand miles away when you read this......! x Tash 


05/21/2011 22:32

Tash I still cannot get on the website!!!!! Please email me the log on details you are using and I will be forever grateful you obviously have access so let me in!!!!

05/24/2011 06:42

I have already spotted my first Maldives Rowing T-shirt out on the streets of South West London!!! Granted upon closer inspection it was Elaine out running, but still it COULD have been anyone.

Word is spreading.....


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